June 23, 2007

Yes, my favorite Angels are the ones with two feet on the ground. People are there at every step and turn to help us on our way.  Below are excerpts from the writings of Sound Healer Patricia Cotes-Robles, and you can follow her link to find out more about angelic energy in the form of healers, right here in our midst!

All we have to do is to reach out and ask for the healing that our bodies may need. Angels in the form of real live people are there for us, happy to be of service. 

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles  Well guess what? This is the moment for which we have all been waiting. It is the dawning of the Age long foretold by the ancients when Heaven will manifest on Earth. The Age when Humanity will be Transfigured into the infinite perfection of our Solar Light Bodies.The day of domination and control by Humanity’s fear-based human egos has passed. Through miracles that have taken place over the past several decades, a critical mass of the energy, vibration and consciousness for every evolving soul on Earth has reached the threshold of the 5th Dimension.Our I AM Presence, our true God Self, now has direct access to our Earthly Bodies. Every man, woman and child’s I AM Presence is standing in readiness awaiting the opportunity to take full dominion of that soul’s thoughts, words, actions and feelings. Now we each have the responsibility of listening to our I AM Presence to see how we can assist with the tangible process of our physical transformation. In order to attain our Victory in the Light, we need only to lift up in consciousness and step through the open door into our Eternal Freedom. This is the dawning Age of Enlightenment and Wisdom—the Age of Spiritual Freedom—when our humanly created, self-inflicted separation from God will be permanently healed, and the Truth of our own Divinity will be accepted by every Child of God.

Awakening is taking place within every Heart Flame, and change is being experienced by every Lifestream. Physical transformation is occurring subtly and deeply at an atomic, cellular level. The power of God is penetrating into every electron of precious Life energy evolving on Earth. This process of transformation has been a dormant seed in our consciousness and is now being activated by the tremendous influx of God’s Light.

People everywhere are feeling these incredible changes in a multitude of ways. Our Earthly Bodies have never been under such stress or experienced such an acceleration of vibration. This is causing all kinds of physical problems and sensations. People are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed beyond their normal stress levels. They are experiencing all kinds of aches and pains, memory loss, scattered thinking, frustration, emotional turmoil, anger, fear, flu-like symptoms, confusion and all sorts of other physical maladies.

This is occurring because our I AM Presence is raising the energy, vibration and consciousness within our Earthly Bodies the maximum we can withstand in every 24-hour period. This acceleration is not intended to cause pain and suffering. The Divine Intent is to move us through this Ascension process quickly, so that we can experience the infinite perfection of our 5th Dimensional Solar Light Bodies as soon as possible.

In Ages past, through the often inadvertent misuse of our Gift of Life, we created the maladies that are manifesting in our Earthly Bodies. Through our free-will choice, we must now accept responsibility for transforming these vehicles back into their original perfection. We will accomplish this mighty feat by deliberately choosing to utilize the life-transforming tools that are being given to Humanity at this time from the Beings of Light in the Realms of Truth.

Humanity’s physical transformation is a necessary step in manifesting Heaven on Earth. Embodied Lightworkers are being called to action by our God Parents and the Company of Heaven. We are being asked to put forth the effort necessary to transform our Earthly Bodies into the infinite perfection of our 5th-Dimensional Solar Light Bodies. This is being requested of us so that people will have a living, breathing example of this seeming miracle to encourage and inspire them in their own transformational process.

Regardless of how hard we may have tried in the past to accomplish this illustrious goal, this time it will be different. The time is short. Never have we received the degree of assistance we are now receiving to help us with the transformation of our Earthly Bodies. Because of this Truth, more than at any other time in our human evolution, our victory is assured. The assistance being given to Humanity is pouring through every open door. All we have to do is reach up in consciousness and tap into the Realms of Truth.

Thanks to Patricia for that beautiful article, above.  May you, dear reader, be well. May Angels guide you in, and May you rest in the Arms of the Angels, is my prayer. For more information about Walk with the Angels, a joyful CD of inspiring songs and jazz flute instrumentals, see


Angel Music

June 23, 2007

Ten years ago, I was going through a major healing process. I just wanted to bring more joy into my life and into the lives of others and calling on the Angels seemed like a good idea!  Calling on Guardian Angels, gentle angels, and resting in the arms of the angels, helped me through that time of darkness.

In a way that seemed truly magical, Spirit brought just the right musicians and recording experts into my life, and during a three year process, we recorded Walk with the Angels, a danceable CD of jazz music with instumentals and four inspiring songs about Angels.

We recorded the CD on both the East Coast and the West Coast…and included songs of hope, faith & inspiration all about angels…  The instrumentals are jazzy, upbeat, fun to dance to, and include flute, guitar, bass, piano, congas, sax and more…

The words of one of the songs say it all: “My favorite angels are the ones with two feet on the ground…” 

Oh yes, just one more thing: During that three year process, one day I asked myself, “I wonder if there really are Angels that can help us on our way.” 

The very next thought that came to mind was: “We thought you’d never ask. We’ve been waiting here at your shoulder, waiting for you to call on us so that we could bring you whatever help you may need.” I wept with gratitude at this response…

For more info about healing music, or to purchase your own copy of Walk with the Angels, see 

Hello world!

June 14, 2007

Welcome to Healing Music….learning more about the impact of listening to, singing, or creating Healing Music…

If you are interested in Angel Music, Sound Healing, Chanting, Kirtan, Jazz Flute, and Music for Meditation and Massage, I look forward to staying in touch with you!

With Best Wishes,

Hannah Caratti, M.A.